Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Una grande sierra nevada

Yesterday afternoon, following the weekend's storm, the Valley air was scrubbed clean of dust, dirt, smog and smoke. The Sierra stood in the distance, at the same time close, and huge -- looming like the Himalaya above the green valley and foothills.

The Range of Light was indeed light -- bright, white, gleaming light, thanks to the weekend snowfall -- with purple-blue where forests cover mountain slopes. And one could see deep into the east, far to the north and south: Mokelumne Peak, Pyramid Peak, Blue Mountain, and much, much more.

It was a scene unreal in its beauty.

On days like that, I can begin to imagine what people felt when they first viewed "una grande sierra nevada" -- a great snowy mountain range. We're blessed to have those days, and these mountains.


Laurie said...

You need some pics on this blog. Your descriptions are wonderful but I'd love to see it.

Katherine said...

Thanks, Laurie. I couldn't find a good place to shoot this on the way home Monday, or I would have included a photo. I'm adding pix to entries as I have time.