Monday, April 7, 2008

Elections around the corner

The Amador County supervisor races are just starting to heat up. It'll be an interesting year, with four candidates running for the seat being vacated by Rich Escamilla and one challenger taking on Louis Boitano.

I saw a candidate on TSPN's website the other day. He seemed nice enough, but didn't even begin to discuss where he stands on the important issues facing our county today. I hope that's not a trend.

The public is not well-served when candidates speak only in vague generalities and refuse to tell us what they think about critical issues. It's not that I expect them to have fully formed positions on everything -- and one can only hope they'll remain open-minded enough to listen to their constituents. But I do think they ought to tell us what they plan to do, and how.

Of course, then the voters can hold them accountable later -- and it means they have to stand for something, too. But isn't that what elections are all about?

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