Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dining out locally -- two recent experiences

I've eaten out twice in Amador County in the last two weeks. One evening was very disappointing. But last night I had a delicious supper, with good service at a decent price. You can't ask for much more than that.

That meal was at Oko Sushi, a locally owned sushi bar and Japanese restaurant in the Martell Sales Tax Sacrifice Zone. It's an attractive restaurant with a diverse menu and good food.

Everyone gets a steaming bowl of miso soup shortly after arrival. I ate most, but not all of a huge bowl of chicken and egg donburi (chicken, egg and green onion cooked and served on rice -- homey Japanese fare). It was as good as any I've ever had, and served quickly enough that I easily made my 7 pm meeting. The vibe of the restaurant is friendly and welcoming. I'll be going back soon.

Two weekends ago was a different story. It was our wedding anniversary, so we went to a pricey, fancier restaurant in Sutter Creek for supper. The food was mediocre and the service was terrible. We waited more than 10 minutes for water and a record-setting 25 minutes for bread. And we paid quite a bit for the privilege. It was the first time we'd been to this incarnation of the restaurant -- and it's likely the last. So much for building local clientele.

If only someone could recreate the food and ambience of the old Caffe Via D'Oro, especially in its earlier years. Jerry and Deborah -- we miss you!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more.

Griffin's quality and ownership style leaves a lot to be desired.

He was smart, buying up every restaurant he could then closing them (First Zinfandel's and now Belloti's).
Chatter Box closed.
The Palace is in financial trouble.
Thomi's is moving to Jackson.

Soon Via d Oro will be your only choice. Overpriced and not very good. Maybe Jackson's restaurants will be reviatlized?

A Jackson Lurker ;)

Liz Oller said...

I completely agree! I too miss the old Cafe Via d Oro. And with Thomi's moving I don't know where I will go.

Katherine said...

Frank said...

Katherine: They're picking on you. I have eaten at the restaurant you mention six times this year and it has always compared favorably with the Bay Area eateries I spent 30 years visiting. I have the body to show for it.

(Frank posted this comment to a different article on my blog, but I'm sure he meant to leave it here...Katherine)