Sunday, April 12, 2009

Electric Electra flowers

Today we went walking on Electra Road. The flowers are fantastic this year, and nearly at peak right now. Some things have yet to bloom, but the poppies and various kinds of lupine are fantastic.

We also saw blooming:
  • Phacelia (scorpion flower), lots and lots of phacelia
  • Popcorn flower (isn't it fabulous this year?)
  • Moth mullein, just starting
  • Dudleya
  • Globe lillies
  • Purple owl's clover
  • White owl's clover
  • Chinese houses
  • Jewel flower (streptanthus)
  • A couple of different pinks
  • A yellow composite
  • Fringe pod -- great year for that, too
  • Blue dicks
  • Two different onions, one blue, one white
  • Native clover
Plus others I now can't recall. Photos soon, but get out there and see it for yourself. Photos don't begin to do the riverside experience justice. You also need to hear the birds, the bugs, and of course, the river.

Meanwhile, here are some great photos by Dave Skinner of the Electra flowers and nearby poppies on Highway 49, which are now a bit past peak.

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