Sunday, November 20, 2011

A few words about local forests

I haven't been writing much here lately. Too much else to do. But I did write a recent blog about the local SPI clearcutting that turned into an op-ed published in the Bee on Sunday, November 20. To read more about the clearcutting, see Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch's website.

As SPI massacres local forests, other people are working together to find ways to make the forests more resilient, reduce fire danger and create local value-added products and jobs. To read about that, see the blog of the Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group.

Dr. Malcolm North's presentation there last week was especially informative.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


farmlady said...

We are still in shock over a fire (the first one in this area in a very long time) that almost took our house and our animals this summer. We live just outside of Jackson and the response was immediate and successful. But, the fire burned uphill, against the wind, fueled by an accumulation of underbrush and forest debris.
I don't know what the answer is to local forest management but I don't think it will be addressed until some "trophy" home is burnt to the ground and someone with money gets angry.

Katherine said...

I can say that groups like the ACCG are working to reduce fire danger around local homes and educate homeowners about what they need to do. Other people are promoting the FireWise Communities Program, which work on the community education side. The key thing is to have defensible space around your home and a house built in a way that is less likely to burn. The newer building codes are stricter, but ultimately, it's up to the homeowner. But you know all that, I'm sure.